Second phase of Kostolac power plant reconstruction starts,power gen units modernization and FGD

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Power plant Kostolac modernization cycle project starts 1st of april, the project will engage more than 1000 workers from domestic and foreign companies.

Preparation works already started earlier with erection of scaffolds for external works on electro static precipitator as well for works on boiler and piping system. The equipment delivery also started. Chinese workers which will be enganged on FGD project also arrived on site.

The reconstruction will include modernization of boiler, steam line, electro supply lines, ESP and regulation system.

Flue gas desulphurization project is the second part of the cycle, the facility for B1 and B2 units with estimated value of 130,5 mill dollars.

This facility will be financed from Chinese loan, this loan also covers design, delivery and erection of this facility. Gypsum facility will be financed from Kostolac assets.