SEE Region: Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia and Serbia are net exporters of electricity

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In the third week of January, Romania was the leading exporter of electricity in the Southeast Europe region, with net exports of 258 GWh. That is even five times more than the 48 GWh it exported in the previous week.

Bulgaria lost its position as the leading exporter in this period, despite the increase in exports compared to the previous week from 141 GWh to 157 GWh.

Serbia maintained its net export position in the third week of January, with exports falling from 41 GWh to 4 GWh on a weekly basis.

For the first time this year, Croatia was a net exporter of electricity, with 60 GWh exported.

Thanks to this, the total import of electricity in the region was reduced by 30 percent, to 1.25 TWh. This is a consequence of a drop in consumption, an increase in production from renewable energy sources and an increase in wholesale electricity prices in Central Europe, which were less competitive.

Greece recorded a drop in electricity imports by 45 percent, to 152 GWh.

The total consumption of electricity in the region in this period recorded a slight decrease thanks to the relatively warm weather, by about 2 percent, to 16.4 TWh.

Consumption decreased in all markets in the region, except in Croatia (+9 percent) and Hungary (+4 percent). The biggest drop in consumption was achieved in Bulgaria and Greece, by 10 and 8 percent, respectively.

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