SEE Region, Drop in spot prices by about 5 percent on Tuesday, to 159 – 163 euros per MWh

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Day-ahead prices in Southeast Europe, for delivery on Tuesday, February 14, were reduced by about 5 percent compared to the previous day, while in Central Europe they increased slightly, which allowed the convergence of prices in these two regions. The difference between the German and Hungarian markets is about 5 euros per MWh on Tuesday.

On the Serbian day-ahead market on Tuesday, electricity was traded for 162.49 euros per MWh, which is almost 10 euros less than on Monday. The price on this market on Sunday was 145 euros per MWh.

The day before, the price of electricity on the Hungarian stock exchange on Tuesday was reduced by 5 percent compared to Monday, to 160.48 euros per MWh. On Sunday, the spot price was slightly below 140 euros per MWh.

A similar price – 160.02 euros per MWh was recorded on the Romanian and Bulgarian markets on Tuesday. It fell from 171.39 euros per MWh on Monday.

A slightly lower level was achieved in Slovenia – 158.65 euros per MWh and in Croatia – 159.15 euros per MWh. Spot prices in Slovenia and Croatia on Monday amounted to 166.04 euros per MWh and 167.41 euros per MWh, respectively. On Sunday, the day-ahead price hovered around 140 euros per MWh on both markets.

On the Greek market, the spot price fell from €170 per MWh to €163.09 per MWh on Tuesday. On Sunday, 155 euros per MWh was recorded.

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