SEE region: Drop in spot prices to 68 euros/MWh on Monday

, SEE Energy News

Electricity price in Southeast Europe on Monday, April 10, fell significantly compared to the previous day, by 22% to 38%. They ranged from 67.6 euros/MWh in Slovenia to 106.65 euros/MWh in Greece.
Prices in other countries of the region were 69.26 euros/MWh in Serbia, 70.02 euros/MWh in Croatia, 71.57 euros/MWh in Hungary and 75.78 euros/MWh in Romania and Bulgaria.
On Sunday, most markets in the region were coupled, with a price of 105.05 euros/MWh, which was recorded in Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary.
Higher prices on Sunday were recorded in Serbia – 110.84 euros/MWh and in Greece 136.93 euros/MWh.
On Monday, the Greek market was the second most expensive in Europe, after the Polish market, which recorded 108.26 euros/MWh.
The lowest price on Monday was achieved in the north of the continent – in Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – 29.05 euros/MWh.

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