SEE region: Electricity imports 1.2 TWh in Week 13

, SEE Energy News

Electricity demand in Europe surged in Week 13. (March 27 – April 2) influenced by lower average temperature in some regions and greater use of energy for heating. Electricity demand edged higher in all regional markets, except Greece and Italy, rising overall by 1% and reaching 1.52 TWh.

Hungary and Romania recorded the highest electricity demand surge by 17% and 5% respectively, followed by Bulgaria which saw its power demand strengthen by 4%, influenced by the general decrease in average temperatures in the SEE region.

Electricity demand in Greece plunged by 2% compared to previous week as the temperature rose and diminished the need for heating.

Net electricity imports were lower by 15% across the SEE region, corresponding to 1.19 TWh, largely attributed to the higher renewable production.

Greece saw its net imports plunge by 46% as renewable output throve. Hungary posted higher net electricity imports by 5%, while Serbia retained its exporting position in Week 13, registering increased net exports of 87 GWh, higher by 3% compared to Week 12.

At the same time, Romania and Croatia flipped from net importers to net exporters of electricity, posting net exports of 53 GWh and 15 GWh respectively. Bulgaria registered electricity exports of 91 GWh during Week 13.

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