SEE region: RES production declined by 7%

, SEE Energy News

The increase in average temperatures in week 16 affected the decline in electricity consumption in most European markets. Consumption in Southeast Europe fell by 7% and amounted to 13.6 TWh.

Production from variable renewable energy sources in the region was almost halved compared to the previous week to a total of 1.44 TWh, mainly due to lower output from wind farms. Wind energy production across the region fell by 57% compared to week 15 to 787 GWh.

In all markets in the region, a noticeable drop in wind power production was recorded, except in Hungary and Romania, which recorded an increase of 24% and 2%, respectively, to 11 GWh and 146 GWh.

The production of solar power plants in Southeast Europe recorded a drop of 28% on average, to a total of 654 GWh. Hungary, Greece and Bulgaria increased the production of solar power plants by 39%, 18% and 15%, respectively.

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