SEE Region, Spot prices 103 – 168 euros per MWh in the third week of January

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In the third week of January of this year, a drop in spot prices of electricity was recorded in Southeast Europe, due to unusually low consumption for this time of year, as a result of relatively warm weather. At the same time, spot prices in Central Europe have increased, due to higher consumption of electricity and forecasted cooling.

Spot prices in SEE fell by an average of about 21 percent compared to the second week in January. The largest drop in the price of electricity was recorded by Greece – by 37 percent, to around 130 euros per MWh, thanks to the strong production of wind and hydropower. Bulgaria and Romania follow with a 34 percent price drop. Prices in Serbia were lower by 26 percent, while in Hungary they remained almost unchanged compared to the previous week.

Spot prices of electricity in the region ranged from 103 to 168 euros per MWh. The lowest prices in the region were recorded in Bulgaria and Romania – 102.7 euros per MWh.

Weekly average spot electricity prices in Central Europe were very volatile, due to the forecast cold weather during the third week of January, with prices rising to over €144 per MWh.

The lowest price was recorded in the Czech Republic – 144.3 euros per MWh, as a result of strong wind production. On the other hand, the highest price was recorded in Switzerland – around 170 euros per MWh.

Wholesale electricity prices in France rose by 96 percent, to close to 170 euros per MWh, as it is expected that the announced strike in the country could affect the short-term availability of nuclear power plants.

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