SEE region: Spot prices ranged 79 – 138 euros/MWh on Monday

, SEE Energy News

Day-ahead electricity prices in Southeast Europe on Monday, April 17, ranged from 79.17 euros/MWh in Romania to 138.35 euros/MWh in Greece. This is also the highest price in Europe.

On other markets in the region, spot prices were 95.8 euros/MWh in Bulgaria, 109.32 euros/MWh in Croatia, 118.37 euros/MWh in Slovenia, 115.42 euros/MWh in Serbia and 117.71 euros/MWh.

On Monday, spot prices rose moderately in Greece, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovenia and Serbia compared to the previous day. The price drop was recorded in Romania and Croatia.

On Sunday, day-ahead prices in the region ranged from 88.56 euros per MWh in Romania and 119.67 euros/MWh in Greece.

The lowest price in Europe on Monday was recorded in Spain – 66.66 euros/MWh, while the second highest price, after Greece, was recorded in Poland – 138.15 euros/MWh.

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