SEE: Siemens will provide equipment for South Stream

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German Siemens will deliver and equip the sea part of the South Stream gas pipeline and electrical equipment control, metrology equipment as well for the dispatch center, according to the statement of the Russian gas giant Gazprom.

According the agreement, Siemens will install telecommunications equipment and equipment for automatic control and management of offshore leg of the pipeline in Russia and Bulgaria, as well as equipment for the dispatch center. In a statement Gazprom is not specified the value of the contract.

Involvement in South Stream Siemens has agreed with South Stream Transport Company, which invests and manages the South Stream project. The shareholders of the company are Gazprom with 50 percent, with 20 percent of ENI and EDF and Wintershall with 15-percent stake.

The South Stream pipeline, has planned capacity of 63 billion cubic meters of gas, the project of supply of Russian gas across the Black Sea to southern and central Europe. Construction of the pipeline is currently taking place in Russia, Bulgaria and Serbia. Shipments of the first quantities are planned for the end of 2015, and the with the full capacity gas should flow through South Stream in 2018.

Offshore part of the South Stream is planned with four parallel tubes in the Black Sea seabed. The length of each exceeds 930 kilometers.

According to the plan, during the operation of the pipeline through the every pipe will be transported daily 40 million cubic meters of gas.

Source; Serbia Energy See Desk

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