SEE: The Balkans may face problems in electricity supply

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Floods in the region can cause problems with the electricity supply in the next six months. This is World Bank’s warning. Electricity production in Serbia fell by 40% due to ten days fall from the largest thermal power system in the country. Problems with the supply of electricity were as well in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.

“The floods will cause further damage to resources for power generation, especially in thermal power plants, since a large part of the power plants is or flooded or have problems with coal supply. Therefore, we anticipate a decline in production by about 40%, something that will certainly be a cause of crisis in the future “, Magdalena Mihajlovska, Macedonian analyst said.

Academician Gligor Kanevce, disagrees with that, and he argues that, apart from Serbia, no one in the region will not face problems in supply. “Transit corridors are well designed in order to overcome the crisis. I do not expect even a rise in the price of electricity,” he added.

The stability of the regional system is important for the conduction of the third step, ie market liberalization. This autumn is expected over 80.000 companies to come out in the free energy market in order to seek the best deal for the supply.

“The core of this process is the stability of the energy system, which depends not only on the internal situation in Macedonia, but also regional stability, because the high voltage is connected to other grids in the region,” Mihajlovska said.

Secure supply of companies and households will largely depend on whether companies have a sufficient supply of production facilities.

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