Serbia, 125 MW wind farm to be built near Pancevo

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The city of Pancevo has completed the preparation of the draft Detailed Regulation Plan for the construction of wind farm Banat-4 near Banatsko Novo Selo.

The reason for the preparation is the initiative of the local company Vetroelektrana Banat-4 for the construction of the wind farm of the same name with installed capacity of 125 MW, launched in March 2021.

The area covered by the plan is around 1,600 hectares. The current purpose of the areas in the location is agricultural, and, aside from the structures of the utility infrastructure of the network of farm roads, there are no other public features in the area.

According to the preliminary analyses, the plan is to build a maximum of 28 turbines of a total installed capacity of up to 125 MW, which are to be connected to the transmission system of Serbian TSO EMS. The maximum height of the wind turbine pillars, including the blade in the upmost position, will be 250 meters, and the maximum length of the blade will by 80 meters.

The owner of Vetroelektrana Banat-4 is Belgian- Dutch company WindVision. In 2019, WindVision and the municipality of Alibunar have signed an agreement on the right of easement for the use and installation of electricity transmission cables for the purpose of the construction of a new wind