Serbia: 15MEUR tender for water pumping from Kolubara coal mines

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Electric Power of Serbia (EPS) published the invitation to bidders for pumping out the water and mud from flooded lignite coal surface mine field Tamnava West of Kolubara Mines company. Kolubara mines supply more than 70% of coal which is used in thermal power plants producing more than 50% of Serbian electricity.

Within the invitation to bidders EPS stated that the best offer will be selected in negotiation procedure due to the the urgency of the project and pumping out water from the mine field whose flooding complete energy system of Serbia is in danger ahead of coming winter.

Deadline for offers delivery is 7.august by 12h and decision will be published within 5 days.
Estimated amount of water on the Tamnava West field is 187 million cubic meters and amount of mud is estimated at 2,5 million cubic meters, it is stated in the tender documentation.

Bidders should have pumps of capacity at least 5-10 cubic meters per second and optimal speed of pumping shoud be 20-30 cubic meters per second and according the to study it is possible to pump to max 50 cubic meters per second.
Surfance mine fields of Kolubara basin company, out of which half of Serbian electricity is being produced, are flooded mid of may and two largest fields Veliki Crljeni and Tamnava West field are turned into mudded lakes.

Pumping of water from Veliki Crljeni is in progress and current production of coal is around 65.000 tons and 75% of overall capacity.

Water in Tamnava west field is deep 65m and nine excavators are stuck in the water.