Serbia: 18MEUR environment tenders expected, ESP filters on thermal power plants

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Serbian power generation sector which consist of almost 70% of electricity produced from lignite coal fired thermal power plants continues modernization, energy efficiency and environment protection investment cycle.18MEUR two lots tenders for filters on thermal power plants are expected to be announced.

Serbian power utility company EPS which manages thermal power plants, with support of EU funds is resuming environment projects cycle. Two ESP projects and tenders announcement ( electro static precipitators) are expected in 3rd quarter of 2013. Estimated budget for two lots tender is 18MEUR, new ESP project on TENT A3 and TENT Morava TPP. The procedure will be realized thru PRAG procedure of the EU.

European environment companies are already seeking local subcontractors and partners in order to prepare for the tender announcement and possible win of the project.

According to the local energy project management company Primus GBS, presence of world wide known companies referenced in environment project is already recorded. Local companies, contractors are able to respond to the all requirements from international clients. However selection of project management staff is highly recommended as relation with beneficiary TENT could be essential for the later project realization who ever wins the tenders.