Serbia 250MEUR FGD project; The completion of tender documentation mid 2013, prequalification completed with high interest of several international companies

28. March 2013. / News Serbia Energy

Thermal power plants TENT Company had a press conference dedicated to the most important ecological project in the region, the construction of facilities for desulfurization of fluid gases.

Representatives of this company informed journalists about many other programs that will be realized in the following period and they will influence on environmental quality increase. Japanese Government approved credit assets of 250 million EUR for the most significant, expensive and all-inclusive project in environmental protection area. Preparation of tender documentation that will enable high quality election of performers for desulfurization facilities’ construction is being finished.

Japanese Consulting House TEPSCO also participates in its procession next to TENT Company, according to instructions of making prequalification and tender procedure of Japanese Company for International Cooperation (JICA).

-The procedure of prequalification, where several world companies showed some interest to participate in the project, is in progress and it shall be finished by end of March. Tender documentation is expected to be finished in midyear period after which the tender will be announced while signing the contract with chosen performer is being planned in the beginning of 2014. The chosen performer is obligated to do the main project which will be the ground for construction license issuance on the base of offered technology. First works on facilities’ construction will begin in the spring 2014- Milos Vlajic, Assistant of Project Manager Team for technical questions in this project, said. He also said that end of construction, which is expected to be until 2017, will satisfy ecological standards prescribed by EU and that is decrease of sulfur oxide emission at level lower than 200mg per average square meter.

It is required to do some following projects necessary for successful realization of desulfurization project in order to accomplish all of this.

-Following projects like gypsum landfill construction, facility electricity supply, additional track for facility limestone supply, construction of buildings for direction of limestone delivery manipulation and many other obligations like EPS’s obligation i.e. TENT Company will be financed from domestic assets- Svetozar Dobrasinovic, member of the team for technical questions, said. Realization of all these works must be well harmonized so desulfurization facilities on all 4 blocks can function.

Both interlocutors expressed satisfaction with current activities in preparation of tender documentation and they stressed that realization of desulfurization project will enable conditions for opening of new work places, what is very important not only for local population but for the country as well.

Source Serbia Energy/TENT

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