Serbia: 5.8 million euros worth biogas plant to be built near Zrenjanin

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Local company Vinex Etil is planning to build a biogas plant in Lukicevo near the city of Zrenjanin. The plant will have a power output of 2 MW and the value of the investment is about 5.8 million euros.

The company Vinex Etil is engaged primarily in the production and distribution of wine and other spirits, but in 2012 it opened a cattle farm in Lukicevo, which now houses 350 head of cattle. Director of the farm Slobodan Serdar said that full potential of this facility will be exploited only after the construction of biogas plant is completed. The future plant will use about 22,000 tons of corn silage or other biomass annually.

This will be the second biogas power plant in the vicinity of Zrenjanin. In October, local company Bioelektra announced that it has put into operation new biogas combined heat and power plant in village Botos near Zrenjanin. Currently, plant has power output of 0.6 MW, but it will reach 1.8 MW at the end of the third phase of the project. The project was worth about 2.5 million euros, while the majority of the funds was obtained through 1.2 million euros loan by Erste Bank, along with the 668,000 grant from the Government of Netherlands. The project was also financed with 275,000 dollars through a joint project of United Nations Development Program and Serbian Ministry of Mining and Energy. Estimated annual generation is about 15 GWh of electricity, while the plant will be fueled by beet pulp and sugar beet waste, along with corn waste.