Serbia: 50 MW wind farm to be built in eastern Serbia

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The agreement on the start of the preparation of a detailed regulation plan for the Crni Vrh area in eastern Serbia, where the construction of a wind farm with a total of 21 turbines is planned, was signed today in Bor.
The mayor of Bor, Aleksandar Milikic, said that this was the first local investment in a wind farm, which will have installed capacity of up to 50 MW and that it would be built by Crni Vrh Power, a company which operates within the Serbian company Kodar Energomontaza.

According to him, of the 21 turbines, 14 will be in the territory of the City of Bor, whereas seven will be in the territory of the municipality of Zagubica. The measurement of wind power on Crni Vrh had been going on for seven years and it showed that is probably the best wind location in Serbia.
The project is worth around 100 million euros and the construction of the wind farm should start in 2021.