Serbia: A guide for biogas plants investors

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In order to inform and advice all investors interested in constructing a biogas plant on the territory of Serbia, Serbian Biogas Association has published the “Guide for Investors”. The main purpose of the guide is to incentivize new investors, encourage investment in the sector, as well as support investors who have already embarked on an investment in biogas.

The guide was developed by the Serbian Biogas Association, in cooperation with the Rural Development Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and with the support of partners, the German Bio-gas Association, Fachverband Biogas e.V.

This guide is based on the experiences of existing members of the Serbian Biogas Association, pioneers in the biogas sector, whose plants have been operating successfully for many years, and if we take into account that the biogas sector in Serbia is relatively young, these valuable tips and guidelines will be of great help to investors who considering an investment or just starting a bio-gas business in Serbia.

In addition to useful information, the guide includes a list of the most common mistakes in the process of constructing a plant, as well as steps that should be taken to prevent them. In addition to practical advice regarding the quantities of certain raw materials needed for the operation of the plant, how to choose the appropriate technology, and advice regarding the process of construction and management of the plant, the guide will pro-vide guidelines for a proper approach to performance self-analysis, as well as examples of operation of other power plants.