Serbia: Amendments to several crucial energy-related laws

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At the meeting with Acting Director of power utility EPS Milorad Grcic, and the Director of its electricity distribution subsidiary EPS Distribucija Bojan Atlagic, Minister Mihajlovic pointed out that the Ministry is open for cooperation with those public companies. Serbian Minister of Mining and Energy Zorana Mihajlovic said that amendments to several important energy-related laws would be proposed, primarily the Law on Energy, the Law on Efficient Use of Energy and the Law on Mining, as well as the drafting of a new Law on Renewable Energy Sources.

The statement from the Ministry also said that the officials discussed the quality and reliability of electricity supply and ways to improve the deliveries, with the conclusion that the quality of electricity will be improved by improving and maintaining the electricity distribution network, by building new transformer stations and transmission lines.

Last week, Minister Mihajlovic supported the Trans-Balkan Corridor project, developed by Serbian electricity transmission system operator EMS. The first phase of the Trans-Balkan project in Serbia included the construction of a double-circuit 400 kV transmission line from Pancevo to Romanian border, which was completed in December 2017 and was entirely financed by EMS. The third phase envisages the construction of a 109 kilometers-long 400 kV transmission line from Bajina Basta to Obrenovac, the upgrade of Bajina Basta substation’s capacity to 400 kV, and the overhaul of the Obrenovac substation. The fourth phase will include the construction of 400 kV transmission line linking Bajina Basta to Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. The entire Trans-Balkan Electricity Corridor, linking Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Romania via a 400 kV transmission line and Montenegro and Italy via an undersea cable, is expected to be operational in 2022.