Serbia and RWE, energy minister Mihajlovic says MoU with RWE was not obligatory

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Minister Zorana Mihajlovic stated that there is no official statement from German Company RWE that it won’t participate in construction of TPP Nikola Tesla B3.

We should remind that Center for Ecology and Sustainable Development Cekor published last week that German Company RWE does not plan construction of TPP “Nikola Tesla B3” in Obrenovac.

Memorandum about strategic partnership in TPP “Nikola Tesla B3” construction with Germans was signed last year- Mihajlovic reminded.

“When there is a memorandum, not contract it is a different situation from finished tender and contract and someone want to give up what makes a problem”, Minister explained.

Mihajlovic added that we cannot say that this memorandum is completely obligatory while the project is finished and RWE still hasn’t finished project, according to her words.

She stressed that this project is expected by autumn “then we will know if we are cooperating or not, there are no problems at the moment”.

“Even if working groups came to the conclusion that someone doesn’t wants to participate, we should say that and we will find another investors”, Mihajlovic stressed.

Minister added that other investors are interested, too. Ministry’s interest is to begin as soon as possible.

“I have to admit that we have several interested investors for every object which is defined as priority”, Mihajlovic concluded.

Construction of “TENT B3” in Obrenovac 700 MW strong would cost 1,2 billion EUR. New coal pit “Radijevo” would be opened for needs of the “Kolubara” plant.

Source; Serbia Energy/Agencies