Serbia: Approved increase of gas price for public supply distributors

19. August 2013. / News Serbia Energy

The Council of the Energy Agency of the Republic of Serbia gave the approval to increase gas price for 33 public suppliers. The average increase of public supply (without VAT) for all households in Serbia will amount 4.4 percent (to 0,406 EUR/m3), and for all customers connected to the distribution systems 5.7 percent (to 0,376 EUR/ m3).

New natural gas prices will be applied from 1st September.

This change came due to the purchase price increase of natural gas for 6.4 percent at which Srbijagas, as chosen supplier, sells that energy product to the licensed public suppliers, according to the agency.

Natural gas prices are different among the public suppliers because of different costs of distribution systems (network fee).

Neither this gas price did change the access price to the transport and distribution gas systems, approved in 2011, so depending on the cost share in the total price , the increase in the natural gas price to final customers will amount  between 1.9 and 6.4 percent for 33 public suppliers.

The price at which Srbijagas sells gas to the public suppliers is in this manner compliant with the real costs for which the company buys gas from import and domestic production, stated from the Agency.

Under the tender conditions in which the Srbijagas was elected as supplier for public supplier, wholesale gas prices will be changed in the future when it comes to the change in import price and domestic gas quantities, and will be adjusted with changes in the dollar exchange rate.

Source; Serbia Energy/AERS

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