Serbia: Are the EPS plants ready to respect EU directives in the field of environmental protection?

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Power utility company EPS Thermal Power plants have not been able to fully meet the emission requirements defined by LCPD and IED directives. This is primarily related to sulfur and nitrogen oxides emissions, which are technically, financially and time- demanding.

Individual members of the Energy Community have space, with proper planning and projects implementation from the field of environmental protection, as well by defining the national emission reduction plan, to avoid the situation that specific units number  be shut down from 1st January 2018th for failing to meet criteria related to the limits. This decision does not delay the measures activities for the environment protection in any way, but leave enough space to carry all the necessary measures and not to avoid endangering of the energy system stability due to the withdrawal of a number of thermal power plants with installed capacity below 300 MW.

Source; Serbia Energy

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