Serbia: Beginning of desulfurization unit installation at TPP TENT

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Acting Director of Serbian state-owned power utility EPS Milorad Grcic said that the project is worth 210 million euros, of which around 120 million will be realized through the involvement of local companies. EPS launched the project for the installation of flue gas desulfurization unit at its coal-fired thermal power plant Nikola Tesla B (TENT B).

According to Grcic, the new desulfurization unit will reduce the level of air pollution from the current 80,000 tons of sulfur-dioxide annually to 4,500 tons, namely SO2 emissions will be reduced 20 times.

He reminded that the project is very important for the growth of the local economy, because EPS has a direct impact on the GDP growth by 3 % on an annual level and another 3 % indirectly through construction and other industries. This would be the third such project in Serbia, after TENT A (which is still under construction) and TPP Kostolac B.

The main contractor is the Japanese Mitsubishi Power and the installation is scheduled to be completed in 2024, when the plant’s sulfur dioxide emissions will be reduced by 96 % in line with the European Union’s Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) and the new BREF – Best Available Techniques reference documents.

In June, Acting Director of EPS Milorad Grcic said that the company expects that the contractor – Japanese Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems will complete the construction of a flue gas desulfurization unit at coal-fired thermal power plant Nikola Tesla A (TENT A) by May 2023. The construction of flue gas desulfurization system at Serbia’s largest coal-fired thermal power plant, a project worth 167 million euros with the aim to reduce the plant’s sulfur-dioxide emissions from 74,000 to 7,700 tons per year, started in February 2019. The construction of this system at four units of TENT A – A3, A4, A5 and A6, each with power output of 350 MW, will enable the plant to operate at least 20 more years by meeting the EU’s relevant legal requirements related to environmental protection. Termoelektrane Nikola Tesla (TENT) consists of four thermal power plants Nikola Tesla A, Nikola Tesla B, Kolubara and Morava with total installed capacity of 3,288 MW. With total power output of 1,650 MW, TPP Nikola Tesla A is the largest thermal power plant in Serbia and generates around 30 % of its total electricity production.