Serbia: Bor mining area, new ore and copper deposit sites

22. July 2013. / News Serbia Energy

Employees in geological survey of Mining- Smelting Basin Bor have found in the valley of the river Ujova the largest deposit of ore, of a thickness exceeding at 850 meters.

On location Stone of Krivelj, near the open pit Large Krivelj, researches are coming to an end. For more than a year and a half 47 drill holes were done with a total length of 21,000 meters.

The results show a satisfactory ore quality, and by the new year it is expected that the competent state authorities certify new ore reserves of RTB Bor at that location, which go between 70 and 80 million tons of ore with an average copper content in the ore of 0.26 percent.

At the bottom of this site, in the valley of the river Ujova, geologists have found another, so far unknown site. Three exploration boreholes have been done, one of which has reached 1,630 meters below the surface and it is the deepest borehole in the history of RTB Bor.

The results obtained from the analysis of the extracted material show that it is a great place. In the valley of the River Uljova the ore occurs at 500 meters below the surface and extends to the next 850 meters, and the average copper content in the ore is about 0.24 percent.

Considering that the other two nearby boreholes pass through the ore, we can talk about a few hundred million tons of reserves with an average copper content of 0.25 percent in the ores.

“Boreholes disposal indicates that the tray rises to the surface and the next will show its contours and quantity. Currently, considering these three, we can talk about the prognostic reserves of 300 million tons with 0.25 percent of copper”, told for Tanjug director of the Department of Geology of the Copper Mine Bor, Trajce Toncic.

In the final phase also are procedures for obtaining approvals from the relevant ministries for the new exploration field near Knjazevac. It is about 100 square kilometers in area between Monicevo and Novo Korito, where can be significant deposits of lead, copper, zinc, gold, and also in one area there is a chance of finding coal, according to the RTB Bor.

Source; RTB/Serbia Energy Mining desk

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