Serbia, Broader consensus on energy transition needed

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Serbian Ministry of Mining and Energy issued a statement regarding the various initiatives that are mention in public about conducting expert discussions regarding the decarbonization of the energy sector.

According to the statement, what the energy mix will look like in the coming years and decades will be determined by strategic documents that will undergo a wide public debate, because the energy transition process is an issue that concerns all citizens and requires the broadest consensus.

The statement also states that the foundation for this process was created last year by adopting a new legislative framework in the field of energy, including the first special Law on the Use of Renewable Energy Sources, and that a significant number of bylaws have been adopted in the meantime.

The most important strategic documents in the field of energy are currently being drafted – an integrated national energy and climate plan for the period until 2030, with projections until 2050, and an energy development strategy for the period until 2040, with projections until 2050. These documents also discuss various energy transition scenarios and targets in the field of energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and greenhouse gas emission reductions.

In the process of drafting an integrated national plan, various scenarios for the development of the energy sector are being considered within the process of energy transition, which, among other things, include scenarios with nuclear energy. Through the process of drafting strategic documents, it will be analyzed how to increase the country’s energy security and the focus in the process of energy transition will be primarily on using the potential of RES and increasing energy efficiency.