Serbia: Chinese financed Flue gas facility completed in EPS TPP Kostolac B

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The entire plant for flue gas desulphurization in TPP “Kostolac B” should start to operate in the first half of August.

Construction of the plant for flue gas desulphurization in TPP “Kostolac B” financed from the first tranche of Chinese credit arrangement is in its final stage. In addition to significant reduction of emissions of particulate matter, commissioning of this plant will significantly reduce sulphur-dioxide emissions to the level under 200 mg/m³, in accordance with European standards.

– Unit B2 which will be connected to this plant is undergoing an overhaul, while the unit B 1 will also be connected during the overhaul that will be completed in July – said Nenad Marković, Head of energy production in branch “TPP-OCM Kostolac”. Thus, the conditions for commissioning of the entire plant for flue gas desulphurization in the first half of August will be met.

All of the four thermal capacities in “TPP-OCM Kostolac” have been well operating since the beginning of 2016 continuously, with the output higher than planned for the period.

– Thermal power plants “Kostolac A” and “Kostolac B” generated more than three billion kilowatt hours of electricity in the first five months of 2016, which is record generation for the period. If we continue to follow this dynamics, we will overpass the annual plan until the end of October. We work hard to ensure that generation plans are being implemented continuously – emphasized Markovic.

At the beginning of June, unit A1 implemented the generation plan, unit A2 overpassed the plan by 8.8 percent, in thermal power plant “Kostolac B” unit B1 overpassed the plan by 10 percent, and B2 produced 5,7 percent more electricity than planned.

Overhaul season in the branch “TPP-OCM Kostolac” is already well underway and so far is going according to plan:

– This year, Unit А1 in TPP “Kostolac A“ was the first one under overhaul, and after the work was completed it was connected to the network on 2nd June and since then it operates without interruption. A new system for ash and slag transportation by bottom ash thick slurry to the new ash disposal “Cirikovac” was put in operation. The system is currently in trial mode that will last for the next three months. Minor problems exist, which is expected taking into account the complexity of the system itself, but they are solved as they occur, together with supplier of the equipment and contractor. We expect these slight adjustments and tweaking to be done, but the most important thing is that they do not affect the generation – said Markovic.

Unit A2 has been undergoing overhaul since 2nd June and it will also be connected to the new ash disposal system, transmits