Serbia, CHP plant in Zrenjanin has again started the production of electricity

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Combined heat and power (CHP) plant in Zrenjanin in Serbia’s northern province of Vojvodina has again started the production of electricity, after it was closed for ten years.

The statement from local authorities said that the plant resumed operation on 8 October and has been connected to the distribution network operated by state-owned power utility EPS, adding that there are some minor issues due to long downtime, which are being addressed on the go.

The scope of electricity generation at CHPP Zrenjanin will depend on the overall energy situation in Serbia and its electricity consumption in the coming winter months.

CHPP Zrenjanin has power output of 110 MW, runs on natural gas or fuel oil and is operated by state-owned EPS. The power plant was commissioned in 1989 for the needs of then strong industry in the city. However, with the closure of many factories, electricity demand significantly decreased and it was decided to close the power plant.