Serbia: CMEC China completes 110MEUR overhaul project in TPP Kostolac B

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Revitalization of unit B1 in the thermal power plant “Kostolac B” has been completed and this unit has been connected to the network of Electric Power Industry of Serbia, announced a subsidiary company “TE-KO Kostolac”.

Renewal of unit B1 is realized in cooperation with the Chinese company CMEC, in the first phase of the credit arrangement with China. The project is worth 110 million dollars.

“After rehabilitation B1 will operate at full power of 350 megawatts of electricity and thus contribute to the stability of Serbia”, writes in the statement, adding that the unit reconstruction enables it to run for another 20 years, fulfilling the requirements of environmental protection.

Revitalization of unit B1 began on March 1st and should have last for nine months, but due to the May floods, heavy rains in July and August, and then the strong winds it was extended in October, stated in the statement.