Serbia: CMEC China starts works on revitalization of unit B1 TPP Kostolac

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The revitalization of unit B1 started in the Thermal power plants “Kostolac B”, which will be financed from Chinese loan. On this occasion, prof. Dr. Zorana Mihajlovic, minister of energy, development and environment protection, visited today Subsidiary “TE- KO Kostolac” and during the conversation with the management of this EPS Subsidiary she pointed out that this reconstruction of production capacities would contribute to the progress of the overall power system.

– Today is an important day for the “Serbia Power Utility Company” and “TE-KO Kostolac” since starting the revitalization of the unit B1. It is of great importance for the entire Serbian energy sector, because the power and work life of thermal power plant “Kostolac B” will be increase by this reconstruction. Thanks to the revitalization of unit B1, the stability of the power system will be increased, its power and efficiency will be extended, and thereby the number of possible unplanned delays will be reduced.

Director of Subsidiary “TE-KO Kostolac” Dragan Jovanovic said that the revitalization of unit B1 is a complex technological procedure, which requires a strong commitment and excellent work organization.

– We will all give the maximum contribution that deadline for the completion of this unit revitalization would be as it was planned, by the end of November. The important energy companies from Serbia and the Republic of China will participate in this project. We expect that in the moment of the greatest revitalization effort about 1.000 workers will be employed here, which requires a high degree of organization activities.

Unit B1 in TPP “Kostolac B” was excluded from the electricity grid on 28th February at midnight, after which they started preparations for the revitalization. Large planned delay in the work of this unit will last until 30th November of 2014th. The main objective of this major surgery is that after completion of the revitalization, unit B1 continue to work with projected power, which is 350 MW, which has not been achieved until now.

Revitalization of unit B1 is part of the first phase of an international loan arrangement of Kostolac company “TE -KO Kostolac” and Chinese corporations CMEC. Besides revitalization of unit B1, first phase of an international loan package includes the construction of desulphurization system, ports and railways, as well as already completed revitalization of unit B2.

Source; Serbia Energy

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