Serbia: Competition reduces expensive electricity says EPS power trading director

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The opening and integration of the electricity market will lead to the closure of inefficient and expensive production, explained Dragan Vlaisavljevic Director of the Electricity Trading Power Industry of Serbia (EPS). The liberalization of the electricity market in Serbia and Southeast Europe according to Vlaisavljevic means opening and market integration and will affect the volume of production of renewable energy (OEI).

Vlaisavljevic, Director of the Electricity Trading Power Industry of Serbia (EPS), said that the regulations in the region in the field of energy uncoordinated and cross-border capacities insufficiently built, especially on major transit routes.

Therefore, harmonization of the rules of the transmission system, construction of new interconnection lines and the formation of organized electricity market are necessary.

“Acting of rule of law is the key to integration and market existence – and for the respect of the contract and payment,” he said.

Vlaisavljevic said that it is necessary to separate the energy market from network supply, and to establish a public supply to households and small consumers.

He announced that the stock market of electricity in Serbia will be established next year and that the operator will determine the market price of electricity on the basis of supply and demand.

Director of OIE Vladimir Djordjevic said that Serbia can produce a total of 8,359 MW of electric power from the installed capacity.

Djordjevic said that priorities of EPS in the next two years are revitalization of hydropower plants and building new ones, with small hydro-power plants on water management facilities.

Source; Serbia Energy/EPS

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