Serbia: Completion of Cibuk 2 wind farm in 2024

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The new wind farm will be located near Bavaniste and Mramorak and will be built in two phases. Another wind farm should be completed in Kovin municipality by the end of 2024, twice bigger than the existing Cibuk 1 wind farm. The project company Cibuk 2 Wind Energy said that this is a continuation of the investment in Cibuk 1 wind farm.

In the first phase, which should start in 2023 and should be completed in a year, wind turbines with total installed capacity of 150 MW will be built. The second phase should double that amount, but the company will make the decision on the second phase following the completion of the first phase of the project. However, the value of the investment has not been estimated yet.

According to a draft detailed regulation plan, which is currently on early public review, the wind farm should consist of 42 wind turbines with power output of 7.5 MW each, so the maximum installed capacity of the facility will be 315 MW. The wind farm will stretch over 4,600 hectares. The plan is that the new wind farm will be connected to the network through the existing substation, built for Cibuk 1 wind farm.

158 MW Cibuk 1, the largest wind farm in Serbia, was commissioned in October 2019. The project is developed by local company Vetroelektrane Balkana, wholly-owned subsidiary of Tesla Wind, a joint venture in which UAE-based Masdar has 60 % stake, Finnish Taaleri Group has 30 % stake, while German development financial institution DEG holds 10 % stake. The wind farm will produce up to 457 GWh of electricity per year, enough to cover the needs of some 113,000 households and prevent CO2 emissions in the amount of 370,000 tons per year. In total, project’s cost amounted to some 300 million euros.