Serbia: Continental wind park permits and issue with TSO co EMS, TSO rejects responsibility for Cibuk wind park permit loss

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Serbian public enterprise TSO co Elektromreza Srbija (EMS) has rejected the claim that it was responsible for the building permit revocation for a future wind farm Cibuk.

According to the announcement, when considering the connection of wind farm Cibuk to the transmission system, EMS noticed that the building permit for the wind farm also referred to the part of the transmission system, which is under the exclusive jurisdiction of the public company.

“EMS does not occupy either with giving or subtracting building permits, but only pointed to Provincial Department of Urban Planning, Construction and Environmental Protection at the irregularities in the license issued for wind farm said in EMS.

Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure of Serbia announced on June 23rd that it overturned the building permit for the wind farm construction in Cibuk near Kovin, because it was illegal.

They specified that the license was issued contrary to the regulations in force, as the decision on the substation and connecting lines construction of voltage greater than 110 kV was in EMS jurisdiction.

The wind farm Construction in Cibuk is the investment of the American company “Continental Wind partners” and the plan is to invest about 300 MEUR in wind farm of 145 megawatts.

Company EMS stated that repeatedly pointed out to the company “Vetroelektrane Balkana”, which officially submitted the request for connection of Cibuk wind farm that the connector could only be in the Serbia ownership, or under the direction of EMS. The proposed solutions are appropriate if the situation would be resolved in a lawful manner.

EMS stated that “Vetroelektrane Balkana” persistently ignored these alerts and suggestions.