Serbia: Cooperation with MET Group in gas-fired electricity generation

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Serbian Minister of Mining and Energy Zorana Mihajlovic and the Chairman of Swiss-based MET Group Benjamin Lakatos have discussed cooperation in the field of energy, with the focus on gas-fired power plants, gas interconnections and renewable energy. The two officials discussed the project for the construction of Plandiste wind farm, developed by Serbian oil company NIS, as well as other possible cooperations.

Lakatos said that MET Group is primarily focused on gas-fired power plants as part of its business strategy and plans further investments in Serbia. In January, 1.2 MW biogas power plant in Novo Milosevo in the northern province of Vojvodina, a project developed by PEPO Energy was put into operation. PEPO Energy is a joint venture of Swiss-based MET Group and local company Arhar. The cost of the project is around 5 million euros. The facility will use biomass as the raw material for producing biogas, which is then used for generating electricity and thermal energy. Biomass used at the plant will be pumpkin pulp and grain residue.