Serbia, Country is preparing for difficult winter in terms of energy supply

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Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said that Serbia is preparing for difficult winter in terms of energy supply, adding that the situation has gotten worse with the introduction of the EU sanctions against Russian oil, which means that, as of 1 November, Serbia will no longer be able to import Russian crude oil.

President Vucic explained that coal-fired thermal power plant complex Nikola Tesla (TENT) consumes about 350 tons of fuel oil per day, because the coal excavated at the Kolubara basin is of insufficient quality. Currently, there is a shortage of fuel oil at NIS, which will only get worse in the winter. TENT needs about 20,000 tons of fuel oil per months, which means 120,000 tons for the entire winter. The only way for Serbia to import fuel oil is from Romania by barges up the Danube.

He also said that EPS will need additional volumes of coal for the operation of its TPPs. Currently, coal production amounts to about 62,000 tons of coal per day, but EPS needs 95,000 to 100,000 tons during the winter. It could increase production up to 80,000 tons at best, but the rest has to be imported.

Asked if Elektrosever, a subsidiary of EPS, will be involved in electricity distribution in the northern part of Kosovo, Vucic said that the two sides are still in negotiations.

Last week, President Vucic proposed a deal with Kosovo, where Serbia will supply electricity to Kosovo in exchange for coal. However, Kosovo’s authorities have rejected the proposal.