Serbia, Country to store 500 billion cubic meters of gas in Hungary

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Serbian Minister of Finance Sinisa Mali said after the meeting with Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Peter Szijjarto in Budapest that it has been agreed for Serbia to store 500 million cubic meters of gas in Hungary, which will enable the stability of supply of the country during the upcoming winter.

Minister Mali said that Serbia will start filling the storage in Hungary by the end of June. The country will have at its disposal a withdrawal capacity of 3 million cubic meters of gas per day in October, 6 million per day in November and December, 6 million in January and February 2023 and 3 million cubic meters of gas in March 2023.

He stressed that Serbian citizen do not have to worry about natural gas supply for the upcoming winter, because Serbia will secure enough volumes and the gas transit from Serbia and Hungary and vice versa is working without a problem.

He said that Serbia had also agreed for Serbia to be able to purchase gas from Hungary, but also from other countries.

Minister Mali said that cooperation in the energy field between the two countries was also discussed, especially the construction of energy interconnections, while the meeting of representatives of the two state-owned power utilities EPS and MVM has been scheduled for next week.

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