Serbia: Cross border flows of electricity

30. May 2012. / Uncategorized

The Serbian transmission network is a major link in both north-south and east-west power transfer corridors in the SEE region. Also the energy portfolio in Serbia is almost in balance at annual level,albeit with significant seasonal deviations.

Serbia has considerable amounts of electricity transits, imports and exports. Traditionally, Serbia imports mainly from northern and western countries, namely Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria, and exports to eastern and southern countries such as Croatia, Bosnia- Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania and Macedonia. Imports used to exceed exports and covered energy imbalance especially during winter periods with high consumption. However, compared to former times the import and export account diminished considerably in 2009.

On the interconnection lines to adjacent countries, usually congestions are recorded in the electricity transfer directions Bulgaria – Serbia, Romania – Serbia, as well as in the directions Serbia – Croatia, Serbia

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