Serbia: Delays in Boljevac wind farm project

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According to Serbian media, the construction of Boljevac wind farm project is delayed, although Russian investor has bought 100 hectares of land for the farm’s construction and obtained all the necessary permits, because state-owned power utility EPS failed to build a substation that will connect the future wind farm to the electricity network.

The Mayor of Boljevac Nebojsa Marjanovic said that previous test have shown that, due very favorable wind rose, a cost-effective wind farm could be built in Boljevac municipality. He confirmed that the construction of 100 MW wind farm is planned but the works on its construction have not started yet because a substation between Boljevac and Sokobanja, crucial for the connection of the wind farm to national electricity grid, has not been built yet.

However, Marjanovic expects that the substation will be built soon, so the Russian investor could start the construction of the wind farm.

In late 2009, Italian company Bontkom from Modena and the municipality of Boljevac have signed the Memorandum of understanding for construction of 100 MW wind farm. Italian company planned to build 40 wind generators, 2.5 MW each, where the estimated cost of the project is 200 million euros. The wind farm should be built on hillsides of Rtanj Mountain. municipality of Boljevac will lease the land to Bontkom in period of 30 years, where Italian company should pay concession fee equal to 1.5 % of annual income from electricity sales. municipality expects that annual fee should reach at least 1 million euros.

However, Bontkom failed to acquire the land and ultimately withdrew from the project, which was later acquired by the Russian investor, who bought the land in the target location and obtained all the necessary permits in the meantime.