Serbia: Domestic producers can participate in EPS tender for smart meters

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Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS) has enabled domestic meters producers to participate as producers in EPS tender for “smart meters, it was stated in the Group of producers of equipment for electricity measuring.

EPS made the first step and enabled local companies to participate as producers. This condition, as stated, was modified 45 days after the publication of tender for “smart meters”.

The manufacturer is required to annually deliver a minimum of 250,000 meters and now it is necessary that producers provide written confirmation that they are able to produce this amount of meters per year.

In order that domestic producers be on an equal position with other participants in the tender it is necessary to extend the deadline for the documentation submission for 45 days, domestic producers emphasize.

The most important EPS step, as they argued, would be enabling local producers to participate in the tender also as bidders (cumulative references calculation) because in addition to all the above listed advantages and cost savings for the state, local producers could be able to gain a reference for future jobs both at home and abroad.

Business replacement and installation of so-called “smart meters” in Serbia is worth around 500 MEUR.

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has approved a loan to EPS of 80 MEUR for the first purchase.

Group of producers of equipment for electricity measuring, organized at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, represents 11 national manufacturing companies with more than 600 employees, 20 MEUR in annual revenue, distributed throughout Serbia, from Nis and Bor to Backa Palanka.

Domestic producers state that they make complete system for electricity measuring, not just “smart meters”. This group emphasizes that it can present a complete job of mass implementation of smart measurement in Serbia and that parallel exports it.

At the tender for the introduction of smart electricity measurement, which is ongoing, it is required that the bidder has a total turnover of 75 MEUR, assets of 25 MEUR and experience of one realized contract with similar purposes in the amount of 45 MEUR, over the past five years which domestic producers could not meet.

Domestic meter producers point out that the introduction of “smart meters” is a great opportunity to accelerate Serbia economic growth and the last chance to revive our electronic industry.

An election of local companies as work carriers would bring for Serbia: opening of 1,500 new jobs, job equivalent to direct foreign investment of 350 MEUR and a large export potential.

Benefits of hiring domestic producers are, as they say, savings, lower prices, obligations settlement to the state, filling the budget, environmental taxes payment, workers employment, and good part of the money would stay in Serbia.

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