Serbia: DSO Company Elektrovojvodina investment cycle, prepared for market liberalization says CEO

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Considering that the projected result of DSO company “Elektrovojvodina” operating for this business year was a loss of 1, 7 MEUR, it is now clear that this is the only plan that will not be realized. – For the first six months of this year, losses were reduced by 1.02 percent compared to the same period last year. From the last year’s loser, Economy Company “Elektrovojvodina” in business 2013th year has become one among the few companies that business with profit. There are few companies today that can express this result. Our result , six-month profit of 5 2,5 MEUR , it is more valuable  by the fact that  our owner is the state , and state-owned companies that have these kind of results are even more row- said for Srdjan Kruzevic, Director EC ” Elektrovojvodina”.

He points out that this result is not random. Principally thanks to the stable and rational operations, constant implementation monitoring of the planned and before that careful planning, it was noticed drastic difference in business in 2013th compared to 2012th.

Lack of funds has affected the reduction of investment in the whole EPS system. What are the most important investments planned in “Elektrovojvodina “for this year?

Despite the serious problems caused primarily by unfinished public procurements of equipment and operations, in “Elektrovojvodina” are intensively undertaken the investments activities. It has been fully completed and put into the operation new ТS 110/20 kV “Indjija 2” in Indjija, and the extract construction of 20 kV from this TS is underway. The newly built TS 35/ 20 kV “Alibunar – mini” in Alibunar has been also recently put into operation, located next to the existing TS 110/35 kV “Alibunar”. By this the conditions for transfer of this consumer area at 20 kV voltage level and for the connection of biogas power plant in Ilidza on the power distribution network have been created. For supplying the new factory “Bosch” in Simanovci, it was built the 20 kV line from 110/20 kV “Pecinci” to TS 20/0, 4 kV in the factory. Both the industrial zone expansion in Simanovci and industrial zone establishment in Pecinci put upon need for upgrading and reconstruction of the existing 110/20 kV “Pecinci”. It was purchased a second transformer TS 110/20 kV, 31.5 MVA, and the equipment and works procurement for a new 20 kV switchgear and protective and control equipment is underway. In the “Elektrovojvodina” branches it has been working on the power grid construction. In the current year, it will be built over 80 kilometers of low voltage network, about 160 km 20 kV lines and 140 TS 20/ 0, 4 kV.  We pay special attention to the preparation of investment activities for the construction of power facilities necessary for the “South Stream” pipeline in our consumer area.

Source; Serbia Energy/ EPS Kwh

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