Serbia: DSO Company “Elektrovojvodina” marks 1/2Q 2013 EBDTA of 5,2MEUR

6. August 2013. / News Serbia Energy

“Elektrovojvodina has achieved an income of 600 million dinars during the first six months this year, although the annual loss of 200 million was planned- it was stated from industrial society in the system of “Elektroprivreda Srbije”.

Lead by Managing Director Srdjan Kruzevic, “Elektrovojvodina” recorded “business turnover in the form of 600 million dinars’ income” from the last year’s loser by more efficient directing the system which is in charge of electricity distribution for over a million buyers”, it is said in the statement.

“Elektrovojvodina” did business with 668 million dinars’ loss in the first semester of 2012 while a drastic change in business leading was recorded a year later “thanks to stable and rational business, constant following the realization of planned and to safe planning.”

-“Elektrovojvodina” is a part of few domestic companies that does business with an income in this business year- Kruzevic stresses and adds that business result is worthier because our owner is the state and companies that are in private ownership are less likely to have such result.

Kruzevic, who is the leader of “Elektrovojvodina” since the October last year, emphasizes that this result is not accidental and adds that we achieved business success thanks to devoted business of every employee.

-Our task is to work stable because we achieve our main business function this way and it is to keep our system able to deliver as much electricity as customer needs at any moment- he said and added that “Elektrovojvodina” is doing stable business and it expresses its social responsibility with an employment of young people.

He expects that positive trend in business of “Elektrovojvodina” will be continued by the end of this business year and that 2013 will be finished with an income.

Considering that the planned result of “Elektrovojvodina” business for this business year was a loss of 200 million dinars, it is already clear that this is the only plan that won’t be accomplished- it is said in the statement.

Source; Serbia Energy/EPS

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