Serbia: DSO company ElektroVojvodina marks net profit in 2013

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Elektrovojvodina ends 2013 with a plus of 750k Eur. At the same time the losses due to unauthorized use of electricity decreased during the year for 175 million dinars.

Director Srdjan of Elektrovojvodina Kruzevic said at the traditional New Year’s press conference that the decrease losses from theft of electricity generated savings of approximately 1.5 MEUR, and the savings in 2013 increased by one percent.

“It has been spent 1.6 billion dinars on investment this year, and on maintenance 1.4 billion, which means that the plan of implementation of the funds was filled. Collection in the first six months, until when we’ve performed it, was also at the level of 100 percent”, he said.

What represents the problem in business of Elektrovojvodina, as stated, are debts totaling about 11 billion dinars of which 5.5 billion owes industry, and the same citizens.

Director of Elektrovojvodina claims with full responsibility that in this company, there was no large-scale employment, illustrating the data that, according to the business plan, the company should have 2,551 employees at the end of 2013, and according to the records it has 2,531, or 20 fewer than the anticipated number.

“By the end of the year we expect four more workers to retire, so we will have 24 fewer employees at the end of 2013, suggesting that the story of mass employment has nothing to do with the truth,” said Kruzevic.

Presenting plans for 2014, he said that Elektrovojvodina is required to build several power facilities, as well as to provide a stable power supply with South Stream.

Source; Serbia Energy

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