Serbia: DSO market 2014 stats and trends

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The electricity delivered to customers through the distribution system is almost fully withdrawn from the electricity transmission system. Only a small portion of it is provided from the power plants connected to the distribution system. In 2014, these quantities were 2.5 times higher than in 2013, which is a consequence of the connection of new power plants to the distribution network, more favourable hydrological conditions and unbundling of transmission and distribution network. Therefore, the total annual production of hydro power plants “Ovčar banja“ and „Međuvršje“ was included in the production of power plants connected to the distribution system which was not the case before.

Electricity losses within the distribution system exceed the technically justified ones. Such volume of losses can only partially be justified by inevitable technical losses due to a high share of low voltage consumption (even twice as high as in the EU). High losses are primarily due to unauthorised connections to the distribution network and unauthorised withdrawal (theft) of electricity. In addition, losses are increased due to long-term low investments into the distribution network. Another problem includes a big delay in terms of replacement of meters. In line with plans for loss recovery, in 2014, distribution system operators continued with the activities on losses reduction, mainly by greater control of metering points so as electricity theft could be identified. These activities, as well as slightly higher electricity on medium voltage and lower consumption on low voltage in comparison to 2013 led to the reduction of loss percentage which amounted to 14.4% of total withdrawn energy in 2014, which is less than in 2013 when they amounted to 14.9%. When a price is being approved, lower percentages of justified network loss level envisaged in loss recovery plans are taken into account, not the realized loss level. , transmits

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