Serbia: EBRD to support Serbian power utility EPS in investment cycle of 23 small hpps construction

17. June 2013. / News Serbia Energy

Serbian state power utility company EPS Elektroprivreda Srbije has made an agreement with EBRD to begin a cycle of hpp plants’ construction with investment of 45 million EUR.

Small HPPs are, first of all, located in Southeast and Southwest Serbia where the biggest water potential is found- explained Director of Investment Sector in EPS, Dusan Zivkovic.

-Our goal is to complete whole required documentation by the end of a year, after finishing necessary documentation and licenses’ issuance which is already in progress and to start announcing individual tenders for all 23 HPPs- Zivkovic said.

He précised that it is related to existing HPPs in operation that would be renewed and improved, about construction of HPPs that are on existing objects of water supply and construction of HPPs next to EPS’s objects in order to improve production of electricity, its portfolio and to expand in the sector of renewable sources- Zivkovic stressed.

He reminded that EPS produces a third of its kwh from water potential and that it has a long tradition in this area -Small HPPs owned by EPS and work for over 100 years and the big plant “Djerdap 1” was the third HPP in the world at the time it was made, 30 years ago”, Zivkovic pointed.

-The construction of new plants in Southeast and Southwest Serbia on Drina, Ibar and Morava are in the plan, as well as two reversible HPPs “Bistrica” and “Djerdap 3”- Zivkovic said in addition when explaining EPS plans for bigger investments in HPP area.

Source: EPS/Agencies/Serbia Energy

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