Serbia: Electricity distribution network modernization

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The modernization of Serbian electricity distribution network will be credited with more than 126 million euros as recently signed intergovernmental agreement between Serbia and Franco also stipulates cooperation in the field of energy.

Through this cooperation, state-owned power utility EPS will automate the medium voltage distribution network. This will ensure more reliable supplies and better quality electricity, remote network management and faster localization of faults and their repair. This is important because, due to technical losses in the network and electricity theft, EPS losses some 250 million euros per year. Distributions losses decreased in the past decade, however, in 2019 alone, these amounted to 3.5 GWh or 11 %.

France is also interested in other areas of cooperation, especially renewable energy. French companies are investing in wind farm near Kikinda, as well as geothermal power plants in Kikinda, Ruma, Subotica and Vranje.