Serbia: Electricity import balances, 55MEUR spent by EPS power utility co

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EPS has imported 1.2 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity this year, for which has been allocated 55MEUR, except that it procured billion kilowatt-hours for 47.4 MEUR from the beginning of the floods until September 15th.

The average price of imported kilowatt-hour was 4.39 eurocents. In EPS point out that also this year they have sold electricity at open market, worth 41MEUR, which means the “balance of minus” for 14MEUR, of which 6.5 MEUR is related to an amount that is imported due to floods. ” Due to the flooding consequences the costs of purchasing will be covered by the revenues of the company and from the World bank loan, whose payment comes after 2020th , with an interest rate lower than two percent, so the budget will not provide money for these purposes this year” – say in EPS.

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