Serbia electricity import daily 3 mil euro

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According to General Manager of Electric Power of Serbia, Mr.Dragomir Markovic, EPS imports more than 20 mil kwh which costs around 3 mil euro daily.

We are continuing the electricity import, in order to stabilize the system and increase reserves in lakes of hydro power plants which are normally supplying the system with 30%. Mr.Markovic also explained that most of the imports comes from Hungary.

The biggest problem for electricity production is bad hydrological situation which lasts from last year, explaining that hydro power plants are working with 20% of their capacities. Markovic also stated that EPS agreed with NIS nove quantities of heavy fuel oil needed for Obrenovac TENT power plants so they can resume work with less problems and to recover the coal reserves. Power plants Nikola Tesla (TENT) from Obrenovac are most important power generation facilities in Serbia, consisting of 4 power plants and producing more than 60% of Serbia electricity.