Serbia: Electricity market, EPS Supply against the traders; conditions and benefits for customers

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What buyers go out on the electricity market from 1st January 2014th, what are the rights and obligations of these customers, what would happen if 31st  December do not sign a supply contract – these are the main topics of serbian companies which are forced to adjust to new coming market conditions. It is important to note that the price offered by the “EPS Supply” includes also price for balance responsibility, and that energy contracts annually.

This was the topic eighth conference on “The electricity market liberalization- future rules and obligations of qualified electricity customers at medium voltage, conditions and manner of the supplier selection ”. At meetings earlier held in the throughout Serbia the legal frameworks for access to the market was explained  to the businessmen and institutions representatives.

Ljiljana Hadzibabic , a member of the Energy Agency , explained that the legal framework for the liberalization was completed , and that in the market opening for customers at medium voltage, which there are about 3.200 , can participate up to 70 licensed electricity supplier in Serbia , although only 30 are active. She said that the distribution system operator (DSO) was responsible for the electricity delivery, measurement accuracy, energy quality and a customer cannot elect it, while suppliers that sell electricity can do that.

– To the suppliers will be more attractive those customers who know exactly their own consummations and those who regularly pay – said Hadzibabic. – In the electricity price participate costs for consumed electricity, balancing system, as well the costs of network fee and it all can be part of the contract on complete supply. Additional fees are fees for renewable energy sources, which is regulated by the Decree of the Government of Serbia.

Zvezdan Cosic, director of Sales Department to the key customers in SC ” EPS Supply “, pointed out that part for consumed energy, which was market and  variable, participated in a total electricity price, while the cost of network fees were fixed . He explained that at the customer request might be offered a single price and tariffs for all seasons or different depending on whether it was a higher or lower rate.

– It is important to note that the price offered by the “EPS Supply” includes also price for balance responsibility, and that energy contracts annually – Cosic said.

He explained to the meeting’s participants that on the market went out all customers that had at least one object connected at the medium voltage, or a single object at voltage greater than 1 kV, and revenues in excess of 10 MEUR, or more than 50 employees . Representatives of some suppliers are not happy because lists of medium voltage customers has not been published, while the most concerned among the consumers are  budget users who have not yet announced a public procurement for electricity.

Source; Serbia Energy

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