Serbia: Electricity market full liberalization preparations in progress, 30 suppliers awaiting full market opening

4. July 2013. / News Serbia Energy

Consumers in Serbia should prepare themselves for liberalization of electricity market whose second phase will be enforced in 2014- it was messaged to Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

Buyers need to know its consumption well i.e. how much and when they use most energy in order to make an adequate contract for electricity deliveries with one of 27 licensed supplier.

Electricity market is liberalized for around 9% of consumers in Serbia i.e. for big industrial consumers who don’t have right to supply at regulated prices, but at market prices.

The next phase of liberalization is for other big consumers, but also for those who have of small consumers will begin since 2015. Electricity market opening will begin since 2015 to be valid for households, all who does not make an agreement on planned date will be excluded from network.

Serbian electricity market maybe should and can function competitively because 27 active and licensed suppliers that will be competition to EPS, who held the whole monopoly, are doing business in Serbia.

Launching the new process of industrialization is necessary in order to accomplish the industry growth and development and to export higher phases procession products – it was said at separate session of Metal and Electro Industry Association.

The new industrialization is the only motional force that can engage maximal number of workers to be loaner to other activities- it was said at session and it was stressed that domestic companies should engage maximally on public companies’ tenders.

Strategy of Domestic Industry Development is necessary in order to adjust companies and integrate them in economy space of EU and structural harmonization needs to be done for increasing investments in energy sector.

Source;Serbia Energy/PKS chambers

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