Serbia: Electricity market supplier switching rules

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Supplier Switching Rules are applicable in case of full supply, that the Supplier Switching is a free of charge procedure and that it cannot last longer than 21 days starting from the day the application is properly filed.

The rules include the cases of Supplier Switching upon a customer’s request, as well as the switch to the last resort or to public supply when the customer is entitled to it by the Law, as well as the procedure during Supplier Switching in case a purchase contract is terminated due to unpayment.

A supplier may be switched upon a customer’s request if the customer is entitled to the free choice of supplier pursuant to the Law and if the customer has settled all the liabilities towards the current supplier. When the customer selects a new supplier and submits a request for Supplier Switching, along with the certificate on settled financial liabilities towards the current supplier, all further steps are made by the new supplier and the system operator to which the customer’s facility is connected to. The duration of the Supplier Switching procedure is especially important in cases when a new supplier is selected due to the fact that the contract with the current supplier is close to termination. In each of the phases of the procedure, the data and infomation validity is checked and, if necessary, corrections are made. Once all the deficiencies are removed the system operator reads the meter and the supplier is switched on that day, while the balance responsibility for exchange point of the customer is transferred to the new supplier. , transmits

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