Serbia, Electricity price for residential consumers will have to be increased

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Serbian Minister of Mining and Energy Zorana Mihajlovic said that, considering that all components included in the production cost of electricity have become more expensive in the past few months, it is realistic to expect that the price of electricity for residential consumers will be increased.

Minister Mihajlovic reminded that Serbia has the lowest price of electricity in Europe, lower than all the countries in the region, but given that the price of coal has risen, the price of oil has risen, it is expected that electricity price will increase as well.

However, the new price must be harmonized with all parameters and be sustainable for power utility EPS, for the state and for the citizens, because EPS must get out of the crisis and get back on its feet, since it is the most important company in the country. The Ministry stands by the EPS, with the position that the demands for a price increase are realistic. That money will certainly not go for salaries, as some media write, but for solving the problems that have arisen due to high prices on the market, said Mihajlovic.

Serbia has regulated electricity price for residential consumers. The last increase was in February 2021, when the price rose by 3.4 % to 0.061 euros/kWh, without taxes and fees.