Serbia: Electricity price increase in Serbia still lower than in the region, new increases expected to regional average

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Energy Agency gave green light to EPS for the electricity price increase of 10.9 percent. This means that the people from 1. august will pay for used electricity so more expensive.

The data show that even with the new price increase, electricity in Serbia will be the cheapest.  Not only in the region, but throughout Europe. Kilowatt-hour for households after the price increase will cost 6.1, and for the industry 5.8 dinars.
Price of a kilowatt-hour of electricity is higher in Macedonia and costs 5.87 euro cents, 6.83 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in Montenegro 7.78, in Albania 9.68, in Germany 14.4, in Austria 14.33 euro cents.

Although in public is often cited example of Croatian Electric Power Industry these days, which is faced with the competition and the arrival of new suppliers to the market, from the Croatian Energy Agency asked for reducing electricity prices for households of six to seven percent, comparison with the price lists in Serbia is quite unreasonable.

Electricity price for households in Croatia is now 9.65 euro cents per kilowatt-hour of electricity and compered to increased price in Serbia for 10.9 percent, it is higher for even 80.71 percent. In the case of industry price for this consumers in Croatia is 8.92 euro cents, and compared to Serbia it is higher for 75.25 percent.

Source;AERS/Serbia Energy